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  • Yes, by all means. Master drone Academy offers their training programme for candidates who are studying or even working. Master Aviation Academy offers Specially tailored classes. The candidate can choose the course timing according to their convenience. At Master Drone Academy, we have provisions for special requests also.

    The institute believes in learning from experience. Hence, for the overall development of the students various activities are conducted regularly. These are:
    Regular Flying Sessions. 
    Screening of informative movies and documentaries. 
    Visits to Industrial Locations.
    Meetings & Question-Answer sessions with Industry officials.
    Guest Lectures by eminent personalities in the Indian Drone Industry.

    Yes, the master drone academy provides information regarding openings of different Drone applications Such as mapping, surveying, aerial photography etc...at different locations. It also prepares students for the Drone related interviews.

    Drone Industry is one of the hottest & larget booming industry in the world. In India it is growing at the rate of unexpected percentage per annum. With the entry of new drone policies in india, increase in the income levels of the people, changing lifestyles, drones is no longer the new untouched topic in India. As in the European countries it would soon become the transport of the masses This has and will in future create immense job opportunities. 

    Master Drone Academy is dedicated to providing concise & very productive training courses on Drones that would guarantee youngsters, who dream to join the industry of Drones, to perform extremely well in their interviews & land themselves with a job that will not only allow them to travel the world but also get paid for it.

    It is worth mentioning that the whole faculty in Master Drone Academy is aviation oriented and their knowledge on the aviation & Drone subjects, covered in the courses, has been acquired through dedication, hard work & their intense passion towards their job i.e. flying.

    You can be 100% assured that the training imparted and the course content covered during the training is unique, different and very knowledgeable and would benefit the candidate in which ever field they choose or opt for.

     Through a written test, we filter drone training aspirants with basic general knowledge and language skill and after a round of interviews, select the ones cut out for the Indian Drone industry.

    We will mail you the list of details which are neccesary / mandatory to bring for Drone Training. Which you can check always after confirmation of your admission for the training which you opted for. We will always make sure to convey such things on before hand to avoid any interruptions for your training.

    Yes. you have asked us the right question before we tell about ourselves.Coming to the point, we are the affliates for major drone softwares in the world. we do have major monopoly in our trainings which we provide you. Always you can check your trainers proifle before joining our academy. we feel its your right to know 

    Yes , you can always buy a drone from our academy or our affliates. we will help you to import as well. we are the sales partners for major drone manufactures in the world.we have the capability to provide you the solutions for your requirements.Feel free to contact our sales team in our master drone academy.